Titan Fluid Power Ltd


Titan Fluid Power Ltd designs and manufactures hydraulic cylinders and semi rotary actuators for both industrial and marine applications.

Our product range includes, welded construction hydraulic cylinders, tie rod construction hydraulic cylinders, bolted construction hydraulic cylinders and single and double rack and pinion type semi rotary actuators.

We can offer hydraulic cylinders and rotary actuators which are directly interchangeable with the former Series CWS, CTS, CBS and RA ranges of products previously manufactured by Titan.

In addition to our standard cylinder and actuator ranges, we can offer custom built hydraulic cylinders to our or our customers designs, the can include;

Subsea hydraulic cylinders
Surface marine hydraulic cylinders
Stainless steel hydraulic cylinders
Telescopic hydraulic cylinders
Displacement hydraulic cylinders
High pressure hydraulic cylinders
Double rod hydraulic cylinders
Failsafe hydraulic cylinders

Our manufacturing capacity enables us to produce hydraulic cylinders up to 6 metres stroke lengths and bore diameters up to 600 mm, modern cnc machinery allows efficient manufacture of large or small batch sizes cost effectively and to a high level of quality.


The new Titan Fluid Power Limited website is currently under construction and will be available shortly.

In the meantime if you would like to contact us we can supply interchangeable cylinders

and seal kits for the original ranges of standard Titan products.

Please e-mail us: info@titanfp.co.uk